What is Pilates?


Pilates is a systemic whole body workout with your own body weight. Through conscious breathing and the combination of strength and stretching with flexibility, the deep muscles are activated and built up.

This leads to a tightening, strengthening and stabilization of the whole body from within, without excessive buildup of muscle. This is reflected in a flexible body, stable upright posture, resilient constitution and good body perception.




STOTT PILATES® is a training and education concept that places high value on the quality of the Pilates Principles and demands continuous training from the instructors to obtain their certification. STOTT PILATES® orients itself to the original exercises developed by Joseph Pilates and has adapted and modernized these according to the latest findings in movement science and rehabilitation.

At STOTT PILATES® more emphasis is placed on quality than quantity, which is why training takes place in small groups and precision is a high priority.

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