"We all want to grow old, but we do not want to be old"

Age processes can not be prevented, they are part of life. However, by deliberate discussion and with the knowledge of how the body and the needs of an older person change, one can definitely influence the positive experience of getting older.


In old age, flexibility, muscle strength and coordination decrease. This change in body structure and sensory perception often leads to falls or fear of hurting oneself. Confidence in one's own abilities decreases and seniors often limit their range of movement due to insecurity. Due to the lack of activation and training the degenerative processes increase faster. A vicious circle arises.


It is well-known that fear of falls can promote them, as well as lead to increased social isolation and reduction of individual quality of life.

By training in small groups, I create a space of coming together, meeting and giving the opportunity to exchange about each one's own experience of aging.


Together we work on strength, coordination and balance. I use small devices such as ribbons, balls and mats.


We activate our senses and recall stored movement memories. How does it feel to walk barefoot over grass? When was the last time you stood on tiptoe? Did you like to dance? Do you dare to lie on the floor and get up again? Did you know that laughter is a total body workout?


To re-learn the joy of one's own body and its possibilities, recognize limits and develop skills. Thus, consciously shaping the "aging progress" and feel comfortable with themselves. Ambitious goals that are worth working on

Fall prevention is an important aspect of my work and I use my knowledge as a nurse and Pilates instructor when dealing with my clients. I adapt my work to physical and mental restriction and teach in small groups also sitting, with the walking frame or sticks even integrating known dementia.


I see my work as an addition to the daily work of nurses and physiotherapists in the institution and can also pick up targeted topics if desired.

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